Garden-In-A-Sack (Anna Cheffy)


Garden-In-A-Sack is a project that started in the largest slums of Kenya to increase access to food. In 2008, post-election violence erupted and destroyed nearly all local food markets. A French non-governmental organization, Solidarites International, created this project in response to the devastation. They developed a low-cost gardening system that allowed locals to grow their own food in recycled sugar sacks. It has brought urban agriculture to rural villages.

The procedure is simple. 1) The sack is filled with a mixture of soil and manure. 2) Stones are placed on top for proper drainage. 3) Holes are cut in the bag for planting an assortment of seeds.

This project changes lives. Sack gardening helps families harvest a variety of vegetables for up to four meals a week; significantly improving food security and diet diversification. Its simplicity makes this process approachable. Over 55,000 people have become active sack gardeners.

Garden-In-A-Sack, undoubtedly, promotes positive social change because it simultaneously benefits and actively engages struggling communities.


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