Pot-in-Pot Cooler

Living in the developed world, it is easy to take the most basic amenities for granted. Things like a washing machine, a sink, and a refrigerator seem like basic necessities, when in reality, these are luxuries that make life easier. The reality is that much of the world functions, however difficulty, without such amenities. For example something as basic as a refrigerator can make a tremendous difference in both the life and livelihood of an individual, family, or entire community. In order to overcome technological and financial  deficit Mohammad Bah Abba, designed an organic and inexpensive refrigeration system called “Pot-in-Pot”.
The system is essentially a large ceramic pot with a smaller pot inside of it, the space between is filled with sand and water. As the water evaporates it draws heat from the interior of the smaller pot, keeping produce cool and fresh. As many of the regions experiencing a lack of refrigeration are tropical climates, this type of ingenuity makes it much easier for farmers to preserve their crops for market. The materials used to make the device are organic and can be found virtually anywhere, further adding to the appeal of this design. Not only do farmers Benefit economically from prolonged crop-life, but the pots are produced locally, bringing extra revenue for the local economy. The Pot-in-Pot cooling system is a great example of socially responsible design. Such a simple contraption can improve the lives of many individuals globally.

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