Urban Typhoon Workshops (Noemi Miyahara)

imagesOften, locals are not permitted in the planning and decision-making for urban development. Urban Typhoon Workshops and URBZ offer local residents and architects the possibility to actively take part in redeveloping areas. By providing community workshops, inhabitants can collaborate with professionals to offer their own alternative or provide helpful suggestions for their neighborhoods redevelopment project. Citizens can communicate their ideas for change through sketches, maps, text, or images which then contribute to a larger design plan. The first workshop took place in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo where locals protested against the plan for a big road that threatened to divide their community. The residents helped revise the government’s initial plan so everyone would be satisfied. Workshops have also been held in Dharavi and the Khirkee Village in New Delhi. These workshops are extremely effective in social change because they allow locals to have a voice in their community’s future and to better understand their needs.


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