WorldbikeI found the Worldbike Prototype appealing. The Worldbike was created to provide a solution for those who must travel or transport goods far distances. The bike is ideal because it is light weight, comfortable, and has a convenient basket attached. This extra carrying space provides people who live in rural areas an opportunity to get from one place to another quicker than walking. The Worldbike also puts an end to “headloading” which is very inefficient.

I think this Worldbike is effective in promoting positive social change for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the bicycle will provide the poor with a reliable way to transport and connect to school, hospitals, and work.  If a person relies on walking or using public transportation to get to high school, for example, they may be more apt to drop out of school than someone who can bicycle to school each day.

Particularly, the Worldbike will be helpful for individuals who must transport work supplies or living essentials long distances.  According to the Worldbike website, http://worldbike.org/why-bikes, bicycling is usually three times quicker than walking and less costly than purchasing and driving a car. Therefore, people in rural areas will save time transporting goods, while gaining extra time to attend school and rest. For instance, the Worldbike will help parents travel to markets that may be far from their homes and, because of the large carrying capacity, they will be able to hold more supplies for the family.


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