WorldBikes Prototype (Veronica Crociani)

bike I found the WorldBike prototype one of the most interesting solutions the “Design for the other 90” posted. The solution is the introduction of a light weighted, low cost, and durable bicycle. The challenge most people have to face in these developing contries is transportation. Getting from one point to another is almost impossible due to the lacking of mechanical vehicles and to the bad conditions of the roads. Walking is the solution most poeple are forcerd to take in these poor countries, but when urgencies, heavy loads, or long distances are involved, walking is not the best idea. Here is a solution to some of these problems. A bicycle that can have several usages. The first prototype focuses on “mobility for good”. Cargo bikes with a large basket places on the back are used to connect markets, schools, and clinics. People use these bikes primarily for heavy loads transportation.

The second prototype are the “bikes that haul people”. These bikes are primarily used to transport more than just one person from one place to anoter, ex. children and elderly poeple.  They are “taxi” operators. The bikes are locally manufactured, adding backseats with cuscions, increasing stability and security. Bread, cut flowers, and medical supplies are carried as well as people.

Last but not least, the “bikes to haul trash” have been introduced. These last have a larger basket placed in the back. Accumulated tras has often been the cause of many diseases. It pollutes water supplies and attracts animals such as insects and rodents, the main disease spreaders. An attitude change towards trash disposal may also have a positive impact towards less wasting and increasing recycling.

The WorldBike has been operating within the last ten years in developing countries such as Taiwan, China, and India, but have introduced their bike only in Kenya for now.

In their website, a deeper explanation of the prototype is explained. I beleive that this is a truly effective solution to many problems in these poor villages. Transportation nowadys is fundamental and their solution works well for many reasons.


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