Guest Speaker: Lucrezia Cippitelli -Art Historian, Curator, Scholar (February 25, 2013)

Lucrezia Cippitelli, Phd, is a scholar, art historian and curator based in Brussels. Professor of Aesthetics at the Art Academy of L’Aquila (IT), Visiting Scholar at Cornell University (Ny, US), cocurator of the project TIME_FRAME, Art, Technology, Contemporary Culture in Latin America and Africa (at Nimk, Amsterdam, IT).

As scholar of Contemporary Art, Lucrezia focuses her research on Postcolonial studies, non-western artistic practices and the art system.

As militant art critic and curator she works especially with media and conceptual artists and process oriented practices developed into social and public spaces. Lucrezia has a curriculum of researches, exhibitions, professorships and cultural cooperation projects, developed in several international Biennals, exhibitions, cultural centers, universities between the US, Latin America, Africa and Europe.

She served as curator at MLAC (Rome, IT) between 2003 and 2007 and she writes about art at the edge of digital Avant-gards on “Digicult” (where she is also part of the management comitee member). She is author of “Alamar Express Lab” (Rome, Gangemi 2007), and co-editor of “Tania Bruguera” (Milan, Postmedia 2010).



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