Politico-Media Complex (Abbe Bernard)

The politico-media complex, PMC, is a name that has been given to a network of relationship between political classes, social media, and the interactions with other agencies, like corporations and law. The term PMC is consid500px-The_Leveson_Love_Triangle_Leveson-2ered a derogatory name for that relationship between the media industry and the government and/or individual politicians in its attempt to manipulate rather than inform the country. Whether or not you know it is happening, it is. Most newspaper are available worldwide, whether it is online or by print.

The PMC in the United States is especially irrational when it comes down to it. For instance, the complex rears its ugly head while during the 2012 United States Presidential election, the mass media spoke of Paul Ryan’s “rock hard abs” three more times through television than the melting ice caps, a current issue. This is applied to the issues that seem to overshadow some of the more important and worldly issues of the election. The mass media has the power to choose what is the more crucial concern on the table, and those decisions are not the best. The media can attach itself onto some of the most trivial things such as the candidate’s body.

There is plenty of evident of this complex throughout the media industry, and no medium is innocent. While800px-Newspapers-20080928 many believe that magazines and newspaper are irrelevant in today’s world, they are still a strong industry for this propaganda as the politicians and active groups influence their workers.

There are some major criticisms based off of this complex, for one, since it is named a complex. It is a fancy name for a propaganda model for the politics and media to use and be successful, while using it. Since the media gets to choose what the people of the country get to hear, get to read, they are very powerful in such. They can leave out any small or large detail they want if they do not like or feel it is necessary.

Manipulating the media is never a right thing to do, since most readers or listeners just want to learn and know the latest news. I do not think that the politico-media complex is right, but there is no way to stop it from happening. It has been happening ever since there has been a media industry. Once there was a way to work around the law, I am not surprised that there is this interaction and relationship between the two. This is one of the things that you cannot stop or prove wrong, because each paper or magazine or online journal says something different so you never know what is correct and what is wrong.

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