Noam Chomsky and his view about the Mass-Media (Federica De Giorgi)


Avram Noam Chomsky is an American linguist, philosopher, logician, political critic and activist. He has worked for over fifty years as a Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the author of over a hundred of books and he has mainly written about politics and mass media. He is considered to be one of the most cited source and he has been claimed to be the “world’s top public intellectual”.

 In his writings he claims that the purpose of the mass media is to deliver messages and symbols to the audience. The mass media has the main role of entertaining and informing, but it also spreads values, codes of conduct in order to make the population adapt and fit into the society they belong to. But often the mass media are under a monopolistic control which shows to serve the interests of dominant elites.

Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman’s book “The Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media”, do not just show and affirm this monopoly that there is behind the media but they do demonstrate it with facts. Both Chomsky and Herman, belive in the fact that the media is used by these elites to get the people receiving the message get certain opinions and feelings that will lead them to support them.

 In theory, as a basic of democracy, the media should be independent and just serve as instruments to deliver the truth. But after an accurate survey and study on historical events, such as the elections in Guatemala, the Vietnam war, Laos and Cambodia, the conspiracy KGB-Bulgaria and so on, Chomsky and Herman arrived tot he conclusion that the media are used in a propagandistic way, reporting the facts and not the truth, deciding what the people should watch, hear and think.

 Therefore the Mass-Media is just an instrument in the hands of certain rich people or big societies and organizations which use them in a propagandistic way and represents and shows the facts as these elites and organizations wants to be shown in a way that it turns in their favor economically. This is definitely undemocratic.

Noam Chomsky together with Edward Herman are definitely positive figures who, as parts of the population and the people, want to tell us the truth behind the mass-media and people who runs them. They are telling us that we are repressed of an important RIGHT, which is the right of truth.

 The Media, otherwise is shown and definitely considered negative because used as a ‘corrupt’ instrument, used by these elites in power to serve their purpose. As Chomsky and Herman says “it turns around economy”….it’s all about money. But by doing this they are denying the people to know the truth.

I do agree with Chomsky and Herman especially because here in Italy we have a perfect example with the Italian television where different political parties own different channels and each one of them deliver the info that they want to in order to make the people being in their favor. It is a simple example about the media used as a propaganda tool and in doing so they are denying the people, citizens, of an important right: the right of truth, which is an inviolable right that should be at the base of any democratic country.






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