Mission Statement
Council of foreign relations is an independent nonpartisan membership organization and publisher including members as business executives, religious leaders, journalists and citizens helping and spreading their knowledge to develop American foreign policy. It is committed to be a resource for citizens in US and beyond. It was founded in 1921 and doesn’t take institutional positions on matters of policy. CFR includes programs to develop expertise in the next generation of foreign policy leaders. Major international issues are discussed in their meetings in its headquarters New York and Washington, DC and other cities. Also the journal of Foreign Affairs is published by the Council itself. Many consider the Council’s contacts on general media to be good but in the area of foreign affairs magazine it has created a monopoly. Foreign Affairs is published in New York City six times a year providing information on the U.S. foreign-policy establishment. The contributors are the country’s most distinguished journalists, scholars, and statesmen.

The Council Network
The council of Foreign Relations set itself a goal; to educate public opinion and affect the evolution of policy in the government. The Council’s intentions would have remained utopian if the Council wasn’t the centre of the big network contact which links together those involved in the making of foreign policy. This network gets integrated by the Council and is tied together by other organizational memberships facilitating the contacting method among foreign policy leaders. So, the council of Foreign Relations is firstly a membership organization. It has nearly 4700 members and term members including top government officials, business leaders, acclaimed journalists, lawyers and non-profit professionals. Over its history it has included senior serving politicians, former CIA members, Secretaries of State, Media figures etc.

From the Annual Report 2012
Renewing America is a project launched in connection with CFR’s 90th anniversary. The initiative is supported from Bernard and Irene Schwartz foundation. It looks at how to revitalize the country’s economic strength by sponsoring meetings, research, recommendations, analysis etc. It concentrates on six issues: debt and deficits; infrastructure; education and human capital; corporate regulation and taxation; innovation; and international trade and investment.

CFR scholars connect with their audiences through blogs, Twitter feeds, Facebook profiles. For the second year in a row CFR.org was awarded Best Use of Online Multimedia by the Overseas Press Club, for “Crisis Guide: Iran”.

CFR also launched the Council of Councils, a group of prominent international organizations—from some two dozen countries in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Australia—to generate ideas to promote governance and multilateral coordination at both the global and regional levels.





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