Operation Mockingbird (Veronica Crociani)

mockingbirdOperation Mockingbird was a secret CIA campaign to spread disinformation and false stories to foreign governments during the cold war. They did this by manipulating the media diffusion and focusing only on propaganda interest, sabotage, and subversions. It was later revealed by congressional hearings, that the CIA program consisted of literally paying off editors and reporters of most mainstream news outlets.

In 1948, Frank Wisner  was chosen as the director of the Office of Special Projects (OSP). Soon afterwards Wisner was in charge to create an organization that would mainly focus on propaganda filtering and spread. Mockingbird was then introduced. A program that all it had to do was influence foreign media. It is claimed that within a few years Wisner had payed and influenced many journalists of the main national newspapers. Journalists and reporters had becomes nothing else than spies and disseminators of misinformation.

Articles and facts were written, controlled, and distributed worldwide under the control of Mockingbird. News was false portrayed all over the world in almost 300 countries. The CIA was actively involved as well, as it provided information and documents to help their reporters with their job.

Frank Wisner was constantly looking for ways to convince the public of the dangers of the Soviet communist governments. It was, furthermore, revealed that Wisner was able to limit the news of certain important historical events. His intention was to buy influence behind the scenes, and he has had extremely great success in doing so, thanks also to the US government. The CIA has always been seen as the President’s secret army.

In conclusion to this brief research, I must claim that watchdogs are easily paid and influenced. In today’s society it is so much easier to spread news through different kinds of medias, so, does Operation Mockingbird still exist?






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