Operation Monarch (by: Mariel Rothman)

Operation Monarch is said to be a form of behavioral modification through trauma based psychological mind control, leading to the creation of undetectable “mind-controlled slaves”. Himmler, a Nazi SS officer, is known to have been the leader of the psycological research in the early 1960’s. After World War II, the CIA brought both German and Italian scientists, who were working on Monarch programming in Germany, back  with them to the United States.

The first victims of Operation Monarch were men who were captured MPD spies. However, the second group of men were tricked into becoming a part of Operation Monarch. These particular men applied to be in the Officers Candidate School (OSC). However, after taking tests, they were told that they were declined from the OCS. As an alternative, the men were offered a chance to “volunteer” for the intellengence and recieve top secret training to develop super human traits. They signed up, thinking they were being patriotic. The Monarch programming has been used on many children to manipulate a child’s mind to protect itself from extreme trauma and forcing Multiple Personailty Disorder on the child. Many children were recruited by abusive fathers.

There are various forms of programming that were involved in Operation Monarch. For examlpe, Alpha programming was known as “regular programming”. The main component of Alpha was to program the mind of espionage agents through torture to gain super-human traits like increased physical strength and enhanced visual acuity. This  particular programing was done by subdividing the victom’s personality.

I question the truth to Operation Monarch because I could not find any reputable sources to back up the claims that it exists. I also feel that if the CIA were controlling the minds of innocent humans then it would be a bigger topic of discussion and I would have heard of it before. I felt very confused reading the articles on Operation Monarch and, once I finished, I even called my parents to confirm they have also never heard of it. I look forward to discussing the topic with you when I come to class.

If Operation Monarch exists then there are no positive attributes associated with Operation Monarch because it is a manipulative program that controls the minds of innocent humans. I was shocked to read that the CIA is known to be involved in such a programming experiement. The negative attributes are self-explainitory. The technique of this form of mind control is to create programmable humans which is against all of the United State’s morals of freedom of speech and liberty.







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