Student Work 2013: WIKI LEAKS (Haley Hughes)


WikiLeaks is an international online organization that publishes secret information, news leaks, and classified media from anonymous sources. The website started on October 4, 2006 in Iceland and since then, has released a number of documents that have become front-page news. Early releases included information of the Afghanistan war and the corruption of Kenya. On the WikiLeaks website, they have a number of articles and files including Syria files, Spy files, and the GIfiles; all of which are available to the public. The positive aspects to WikiLeaks is that their goal is to keep governments honest and to inform the people about their own society. Being a non-profit organization, they are able to work cooperatively with other publishing and media organizations around the globe. In November 2010, WikiLeaks helped release U.S State department diplomatic cables. Controversy arose when it became public that an encrypted version had been available through “BitTorrent” for months. WikiLeaks than blamed the UK guardian for the mishap and the U.S Justice Department later began a criminal investigation on the WikiLeaks website.

In my opinion, I think that releasing private information to the public can sometimes be helpful and useful, but at the same time, it can put people endanger and cause chaos in society. Especially since the sources are anonymous, it is more difficult to understand the information when you don’t know who is posting it.



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