Freedom is a documentary film about people of different cultures and religions who have set themselves along the road of freedom. The viewer initially notices a strange feeling transmitted through the music, the image of a zodiac sign and that of a fictive person. The protagonist is a fictive character who is searching for the meaning of freedom in 12 steps. For a few moments is still unclear what is going to happen next, until people of different cultures start explaining what the concept of freedom means to them. They relate freedom to their own happiness, and whatever else we will achieve will be incomplete if we fail to be free. At a point along the film the participators confess about their past relationships, failures and they were feeling fearful and lonely. They all had something in common. They were convinced that knowledge kept them away from depression and suicidal feelings. Knowledge was their power about everything happening in our lives. It is the knowledge to understand who they are, to encounter the fear and transform it into freedom. In their search of happiness they discover the borders of freedom by relating it to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. And since we are living in a very complex system where money satisfies our natural needs and then we spend all our energy to security, friendship, love and confidence, we are left without any energy to go at the top of the triangle which is individuation. So our glory, our achievements gradually fade and we are still fearful of life. Every step toward freedom is shown with the images of 12 zodiac signs and each of them has a message to portray linked to astrology and life.
Aesthetically this film is very impressive; however in the beginning it lacks clarity on what we should relate later, the animated character, zodiac sign or the different persons giving their opinions. Graphic design was included in the film and the colors really matched to images that were coming next. In some parts their experiences and the haunting music was repetitive. Overall the movie was well made and I gained a lot. It was like discovering something about life which is hidden from everyone and now you’re given the possibility to have access to that kind of knowledge.
The film was made by Pj Ardies who is an independent director. He has been working about 12 years as a freelance TV editor and later he continued his own dreams toward making his own films. It was launched on 3 October 2012 and it was released on 16th of the November 2012. The movie budget was estimated to be €10,000.

The film is convincing about the issue of freedom related to happiness and sometimes is haunting when the viewer understands that he might not have reached it. Getting closer to freedom seems an easy thing, but it’s not. Nowadays people influenced by others learn that achievements are everything, and when they realize that what is taught to them is absolutely useless, they laugh at others and certainly at themselves. I think they do it because they are glad that they will finally connect with the concept of freedom and overcome all the artificial pains imposed on us. Few people are capable of totally dominating their fears and considering their defects as nonexistent. I definitely agree with the opinions that the key to freedom is overcoming our fears if they dominate our live, like fear of failure or judgments.
Pj Ardies says to suscribe here to become prt of his work.


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