Waiting for “Superman” (Sarah Blauner)

Waiting_for_Superman I watched the film Waiting for “Superman” which is a documentary about the American Public School System. The film explores the extreme flaws in the system, how they came to be and possible solutions. It explores the lives of differently families trying to get there children a better education. It sheds a dark light on teachers unions and praises charter schools. This film was made in an interview style. Using interviews with different families, teachers and education officials to shed light on this issue. The film was directed and written by Davis Guggenheim, it was not a low budget film as it was produced by Electric Kinney Films, Participent Media, and Walden Media. It was distributed by Paramount Pictures and other Paramount Picture affiliates. It was distributed in movie theaters and was shown at film festivals  The film can be watched on Netflix and through Amazon. The film had a pretty big impact on it’s audience because it was so well received. It was nominated for and one 13 awards and was critically acclaimed. It engaged a vast audience beyond those who would normally watch an education documentary. I think the film had an overall positive impact because it sparked a new conversation. It was clear that our education system was broken but it was unclear on how we were to proceed with fixing it our what could be the cause. While many critics have attacked many of the ideas Waiting for “Superman” asserts as solutions this is positive because it is still expanding the discussion on how to fix education. The film also addresses the misconceptions in our system, it sheds light on the fact that tenure is not a positive but a negative and that teacher unions present a large obstacle to reforms. Many view these things as positives that should be defended but the film demonstrates that if you choose to defend rules that allow bad teachers to continue teaching then you are only hurting your children not helping them.


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