Permaculture: A Journey to Freedom (By: Marisa Beirne)


“Permaculture: A Journey to Freedom” is a short film that discussed the philosophy of a different culture. This film talks about the creator of Permaculture, Bill Mollison, and the reasons he is known as the father of this culture. The film mostly discusses the key points of this culture. This way of living is all about combining people with nature. The communities the people live in are self-sustained horticultural systems. Permaculture is also about design. It asks the question, “Where can this be placed to benefit the earth and the humans as much as possible?” The society places emphasis on finding out how things work together and how this affects how everything works. One of the main quotes of Permaculture is “the problem is the solution.” They hold retreats to teach people about this culture that includes interactive activities, hands on projects to learn through the body, and lectures as well. The film was short, but I was able to gain a new insight on this movement and understand a culture I had never even heard of before.


This socially conscious film was made in the form of a documentary. The film was mostly interviews of people in the culture and/or people that had taken the course to learn about this culture. The film used music to also get the audience’s attention. It looked like the film was shot using a basic video camera and the producer did not spend much money to put this together. That being said, it was easy to understand the dialogue and purpose of the movie as well as all the shots were clear to the viewer. A technique that was used to shoot this film was that the people that talked about the culture used simple everyday language. The speakers were all younger and used relatable stories to get today’s youth wanting to be involved.

The film was funded by the Permaculture Institute. This is the main institute for this society where one can go and learn all about the Permacultural way of living. They funded the short film to educate more people on exactly what this society is and does. The actual institute has different companies that donate money and sponsor them. One of these companies, for example “Tree Yo” is a company who donates money to the research that the Permaculture institute is involved in. I could not find any information about an actual budget that this short informational film was on. This short film was distributed via the web. It was posted on the Permaculture Institute’s website and then also on multiple other websites including “Films for Action”. It was a complete media production and most audiences viewed this on the web on their own laptops. The film does not have its own website but one can learn more about the film and the Permaculture Institute at

In my opinion, this film was more educational than had a significant impact. It was more of an introduction into the culture rather than trying to get people to take a specific action. I thought if the video gave incentives or concrete reasons why people should join the culture it would have had a stronger impact. That being said, I learned a lot about the Permaculture society and what they believe in!


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