Slavery: The 21st Century Evil (Federica De Giorgi)

????????????????????      The Slavery: 21st Century Evil, is a documentary formed by a series of long episodes videos on today’s slavery. The documentary in general shows how still today slavery is very diffuse, not only in poor parts of the world as in Africa but also as well  in developed countries as Russia and the USA. Each episode is an insight on a sad reality that still persist today. Slavery in fact has different forms in today’s world. The episodes are related to Sex slaves, Child slaves, prisons slaves, bridal slaves, bonded slaves and so on. Today, 27 million men, women and children are held, sold and trafficked as slaves throughout the world. The slavery of these people and especially childs deprives them of what are called “unviolable rights” as the right of freedom, speech, health, education and so on.

The documentary is mainly based on interviews to people affected by this enormous issue. The documentary plays the emotional card by showing a cruel reality through the experiences of the victims of the different types of slavery.

The documentary was produced and released by Al Jazeera. It was funded by the government and distributed on cable TV, youtube, iTunes. The documentary has also a page on the Al Jazeera website .

In my opinion, the documentary have a strong impact. It shows how millions of people are still victim of slavery even though it has been abolished years ago. It is shocking to see how many childrens instead of going to school have to work because their small hands are able to do things that adults hand can’t do. These people and children are victim of a capitalitic economy. Many of the goods that we consume are produced by these slaves and big companies usually take the merits for them: for example the Apple company in China with labor slaves that works 16 and more hours but no one really merits them who receive small payments, but Steve Jobs an his team for having invented the Apple gadgets. There are many other examples in the documentary that as these ones are shocking and a shame especially for those countries as US that first proclaim democracy and freedom all over the world and then are the first ones that are involved into slavery and exploitation driven by the capitalistic economy and society.


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