Waiting for Superman (Charlotte MacKinnon)

waiting for superman


Waiting for Superman (2010) is a documentary by Davis Guggenheim (the same director of An Inconvenient Truth) that discusses and explains America’s failing school system and its development and change over time.  It compares and explains the differences between public, charter, and private schools and how these differences have led to many problems.  Waiting for Superman follows the lives of different children as they are going through a lottery process as a last attempt to go to a charter school, which are notably better than the public schools they would be forced to attend otherwise. 

This film uses a number of means to do this as it holds a number of interviews with teachers, administrators and specialists within the academic field and gives numerous amounts of facts and statistics.   Waiting for Superman presents this information to the audience in numerous ways.  One way is directly from interview footage with teachers, experts on the subject, and families in the public school system.  The film also explains terms and facts stated through cartoon animation.

Waiting for Superman budget was not large, but it grossed over six million dollars.   It was released in major cities across the country and in selected theatres, mainly due to the limited promotional budget.  Paramount Vantage Studios distributed it. The documentary does not have a website, but a companion book was released entitled Waiting For “Superman”: How We Can Save America’s Failing Public Schools. 

Waiting for Superman has had a large impact since its release.  It is commonly featured on “Best Documentary” and even “Best Movie” lists.  Because this movie had a large production for a documentary, it was able to reach a relatively large audience.  Waiting for Superman Many people took an interest in the American schooling system after this documentary was released.   The facts presented are astonishing, such as this generation is the first generation that will be less literate then the generation before it.

Here is a link to the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKTfaro96dg


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