We are Legion (Susanna De Sousa)


we are legion    “We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists” is a documentary that describes the recent hacktivist group Anonymous. The film provides us with a background history of the phenomenon of hacktivism (the fusion between political activism and hacking) with an introduction to groups such as the Cult of the Dead Cow and Electronic Disturbance Theater, finally introducing the group Anonymous from its very beginning in 4chan to its contemporary status, as well as relevance, actions, and effects that the group is having worldwide.
The film features interviews with actual members of Anonymous, professors, scholars, security strategists and many other people who contribute to depict a rather clear image of the group. Moreover, the film provides the viewer with clips of real world protests such as the Occupy movements as well as highly detailed Anonymous tactics and strategies of the operations. The film greatly depicts what the group stands for: that is, freedom of the internet, freedom of speech and the press, the ability to protests against the government and the opposition of any form of censorship.
The documentary does a great job in analyzing the main important operations of the group, beginning with operation Chanology, against the Church of Scientology, the operations supporting the revolution during the Arab Spring in countries such as Tunisia and Egypt and the group’s support for Wikileaks.
The documentary was directed and produced by Brian Knappenberger, who did not want to reveal the actual budget that was needed to produce the film. The documentary has been released in many theatres around the world, on ITunes, through video sharing websites, and it is now available in DVD. The documentary has received many awards and has been cited in many newspapers. The movie has a website: http://wearelegionthedocumentary.com/about-the-film/
According to me, the documentary greatly shed lights to a topic that has not been widely discussed. I believe that hacktivism is a very important phenomenon nowadays and people should start to talk about this phenomenon and try to study it. The operations that the group conducted make us realize how relevant the group is and how governments cannot ignore such phenomenon. I believe that the documentary does a great job in describing this international Hacking group. In my opinion, the documentary has not had a very big impact yet, but I am sure that it will soon reach many people. Especially because the group is continuously growing in importance and relevance. I think that doing a documentary on Anonymous in this time in history was a really ingenious idea.


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