Here’s How We’re Going To End Factory Farming (Anna Cheffy)


In just two minutes and ten seconds a story, a message, and a solution can be powerfully received. “Here’s How We’re Going to End Factory Farming” is an animated short film devoted to ending animal cruelty involved in factory farming. Animals Australia’s initiative, Make It Possible, strives to create a kinder world. In order to do so, they must educate. Knowledge is the greatest threat to factory farming. By exposing the harsh realities and truth, people will hopefully decrease their demand for meat. This solution is dependent upon us. By refusing to eat factory farmed meats, eating fewer animal products, or becoming entirely meat free, ending factory farming can be achieved.

The use of animated characters (pigs and chickens) is a smart approach to a gruesome subject. Most people are repulsed by the treatment of animals, so, of course, they would not want to watch a video of live animals being abused. The use of animation is much more appropriate.

The use of background music was equally as impactful as the graphics. Sound is a beautiful aspect that creates a guaranteed effect on a film. It grasps the audiences’ attention and allows them to feel and create a connection between themselves and the action taking place on the screen. The most important characteristic of sound is that it sets the mood; which in this particular case is inspirational. Despite the fact that the content is depressing, the film is enlightening. It makes the viewer want to help make a change for this cause.

Sydney-based advertising agency, LOUD, is responsible for the making and creativity of this short film. It is now screening nationally on Australian television, solely thanks to donations.

I believe this short film is a success and appropriate. It does not demand the viewer to stop eating meat or make the viewer feel guilty for eating meat. It simply explains the reasons we should progressively move forward to create a kinder world. It provides a variety of options in which we can help by refusing to purchase factory farmed products, reducing demand by consuming fewer animal products or going meat-free. This demand would never have existed if people were aware that animals were suffering. The goal is to educate and I think Make It Possible made that happen.

Link to “Here’s How We’re Going to End Factory Farming”:

Link to the Make It Possible website:

Link to make a donation:


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