The High Price of Materialism ( Veronica Crociani )


The High Price of Materialism is a short five minute stop-motion animation film that highlights the social disadvantages of a modern materialistic world. In this short animation, psychologist Tim Kasser talks about how American culture of cusumerism, (and this can appeal to many cultures living in a developed country), weakens the social well being of an individual.  The animation argues both the pros and the cons of living in a materialistic society. The short animation film discusses the problems that a technological society is facing towards healthy human relationships. He illustrates how people spend time in front of a television or a interactive game, rather than spending time outside in the fresh air and actually engage both with nature and with real human beings. Relationships have weakened and not only, the technologies are using up most of our Earth’s limited natural resources. Furthermore he discusses how people have become more “absent” and have less tendency towards helping others. People become less involved with social activities. The animation presents suggestions to what can be done to change this situation, and learning to compensate both aspects of living in this contemporary world. The solutions presented by Prof. Kasser, point out solutions that guarantee a healthier and more sustainable life.

Kasser opens his short film for action making the audience immediately engage with the animation. The stop motion technique allows the viewers to follow along with the narrator’s discussion. Through the creation of drawing images and words linked together, a visual meaning of what is being discussed is created.

Furthermore this film was created for The Center for a New American Dream. The video was supported in part through funds awarded by Knox College from an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Faculty Career Enhancement Grant. The New American Dream Organization aims to help Americans reduce and change their extremely high consumption in order to improve their quality of life. Furthermore the aim of this organization is to protect the environment and promote social justice and equality. (



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