Week 1/ Day 2: Homework -Paintings, Exhibitions, Installations, Murals, and Stills

Homework due printed on paper at the start of next class:

1. Read/Look at the following links:
Favela Painting Project Home
Can Paint Promote Social Change?
(Blog Article, Favela Paint Project, Brazil)

Links to Art, Installations, Exhibits, and Crafts attempting to promote/create positive social change

2. Write a 1-2 page paper that does the following:

A.) After reading about the Favela Paint Project and blog comments about it, do you feel that the project does or does not effectively promote positive social change? Please state your reasons for your opinion(s).

B.) Choose a work of art/project from the second link that you feel is very effective in promoting/creating positive social change. (Get further information about it from the internet if necessary). If applicable, use the “Thinking Critically About Visual Images/Texts” and “Principles of Design Aesthetics” handouts as guides. Analyze the work of art/project and explain why you feel it is so effective.

Also due Tuesday, Feb. 3. 2015
-Blog Bio Post
-Read: Everyone a Changemaker: Social Entrepreneurship Ultimate Goal
-Read preface- p. 28 in textbook: Beginner’s Guide to Community Based Arts.


2 responses to “Week 1/ Day 2: Homework -Paintings, Exhibitions, Installations, Murals, and Stills

  1. A) The project of painting favelas to promote social change is temporarily effective. With this project, those kids were given a motivation in life, they were shown a way to enjoy themselves while working and so have an optimistic point of view on life and the good things that can happen to them. Learning and acquiring painting skills would not necessarily stop there but they might find a way to continue in that direction and do something else after the project.
    There is moreover a promotion of socoal.change because those favelas attract people now and the latter may want to help and contribute to their effort.

    However, it seems like the initiative is of short term because as it said in the reading, what happens when the painters go away and the paint goes off? There might be a return to the old unproductive and unhealthy way of life.

    B) it says i’m not authorised to view content 😦

    • Thanks Francesca. This was actually an offline homework on paper. I appreciate your comments though. Can you please give me an old fashioned paper next time I see you? Old school, I know.

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