A lil snip snap about me

IMG_9902 2

I am Maya Fletcher, soon to be famed world traveler, international gallery owner, multiple business owner, current flower child, and black superhero! I am also an artist, I get a huge kick out of painting, drawing, doodling, taking pictures, writing, singing, sculpting, I honestly have hopes of just doing it all.  I am originally from Mesa, Arizona, and headed east to Washington D.C. at 12 years old. Even when I was 12 I knew I was destined for great and fantastic things, at 22 (almost 23) I’ve almost figured out how to get those great things.

I believe in the power of positivity and the mind. Your mind is a lot stronger than anything and with all that power comes a lot of responsibility. I believe that if you can control your mind you can control anything, any situation, literally anything.

My favorite superhero is Batman, why you ask? He’s a superhero based strictly on his skill, wit, charm, and money. He doesn’t need “superpowers” (although they are quite awesome) to achieve his goals, he’s badass without them. He’s probably my spirit animal.

But I must say you’ve never seen Batman and I in the same place at the same time.


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