A vagabond who’s allergic to avocados…

My name is Danielle Banh, I am an art school drop out in the midst of a quarter life crisis with a dark sense of humor. I was born and raised in Southern California (a little beach town called Huntington Beach) so naturally I have an affinity for salt water, ironic excessive positivity, and fad diets. I have the obnoxious tendency to speak about myself in the third person—but Danielle’s friends find it to be an endearing quality. The first concert I ever attended was Cher’s farewell tour, and I have since had a strange and unyielding fascination with decades I will never see. Thus my professional and academic pursuits usually include anything that necessitates unhindered nostalgia, curiosity, and the acceptance of ambiguities that arise from attempting to understand our past. I find the Internet to be as terrifying as it is beautiful; I suppose sublime is the proper adjective for that. I have a particular fondness for vulgarity, and paradoxes. I consider moral absolutism to be utter bullshit, yet speak exclusively in hyperbolic phrases. I am (at this moment) appalled with the ease it took me to compose multiple phrases beginning with the word “I”. So to conclude, this has been an introduction as well as my own exercise in concision and restraint.



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