Clearly I Wasn’t Destined to Be “The Next Great Author”


I’m Kasey Wilcox + oddly enough while I find a comfort and ease in writing, I find myself a complete wreck trying to write a bio of myself to appear on a blog directed towards classmates. I speak with heavy sarcasm and often too fast in an attempt to keep up with the thoughts in my head. I like to think I’m extra thoughtful and careful with my words, however I usually find that I sit back just trying to absorb what is going on around me- especially in an environment such as our class where several of the students have experience with both art and activism.

I’m a fashion merchandising major and find myself running on pure adrenaline living + working amongst the rapid-paced fashion industry in New York City. I’m in love with the pressure. On the other hand, I also have a love for sports that goes back roughly 16 years, so when I think of what I want to do with my degree and what I want to do in life, it practically induces a migraine. I like to think that those two facts depict the wide range of things I’m interested in, what I may be doing with my spare time, and the open mindedness I walk through life with.

I don’t get intimidated very easily and I’m often one to take initiative, however all of your bios posted prior to this set the bar quite high. I’m hoping the picturesque Swiss Alps from my most recent weekend adventure helps to raise my status in comparison.


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