I came to Italy for the food…



Just Kidding!…well, kinda.

My name is Max Lippitt, I am a Junior at Michigan State University, and I live about an hour south of the school in a town called Bloomfield Hills.  I used to be a Finance major, but then this summer I led a two month long hiking trip  out west for a group 10th graders, and had a realization that I hated finance and instead wanted to do something with the environment. So as soon as I got home, I changed my major from Finance to Economics and Environmental Sustainability. My goal is to help business become more profitable while becoming more environmentally friendly.

I am OBSESSED with movies, in another life I will go to film school. I play tennis and racquetball, and frequent the local concert scene around Detroit. I also have been cooking my whole life and I was lucky enough to work as a chef at a local restaurant last year.  The food here is so good, I love it.

Ever since I knew what Studying Abroad was, I wanted to do it.  My parents have been coming to Italy my entire life on vacations (while leaving my brother and I at home), so I was pretty familiar with the country and decided Rome was the place to be.  The two weeks I have been here and been two of the most fun, eventful, exciting, weeks of my entire life, and I cannot wait to see what the next 12(?) bring me…


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