That British girl.

My name is Olivia Martin, I am a 20 year old junior resident student here at AUR. My presence here in Rome is the result of many unusual and unexpected circumstances coming together, but I have not looked back for a second. My older brother enrolled at AUR in 2012 and would not rest until he succeeded in commandeering me from my previously held life plans. He knew that Rome would provide the experience and education that I was frantically searching for back home in England.

Here at AUR I am characterised by two main traits. Firstly, I am one of only three English students, with an accent that seems to provide endless comedy to many of my peers. Secondly, I am known for being covered in paint on a regular basis due to my decision to study Fine Arts as my major. Painting has been a passion of mine from a very young age, but I was hesitant to pursue this through my studies. I originally enrolled at Southampton University to study Psychology, within three weeks it dawned on me that I had made a huge mistake. Upon returning home for Christmas in my first year, I was told that unfortunately my Grandfather had past away. For reasons I cannot explain, this was the push I needed to finally explain to my parents that I wanted to drop out of Southampton. I am so thankful that I made this monumental decision.

I feel secure in my decision to follow my instincts and my scepticism surrounding art as an occupation and my lack of confidence in my own artistic ability has gradually fallen away. I have come to realise that I have so much more to gain from studying something I love, and AUR has opened my eyes to the many opportunities available to me in this field. Like I say to everyone when they ask me what I study, where better to study art than in Rome?



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