Promotig Social Change: Solutions


The Q Drum is a “Solution” that was come up by P. J. and J. P. S. Hendrikse to  help villagers who do not have easy access to a water source. Its ame is easy to understand since it looks like an O but with the lace around it acquires a Q form. This solution is a cylindrical container with a big enough capacity to satisfy the villagers demand of potable water. It is an interesting, creative and above all simple invention that works which makes it a great solution. The problem to solve was the difficulty people living in rural areas not so close to drinkable water had in providing themselves with the latter. Moreover, the hard part in fulfilling such task was that carrying the containers they used to use were usually heavy and uncomfortable to carry for long miles. Thanks to the Q Drum, doing so becomes easier and funnier. It is used in African countries where such problems are persistent. Its form allows to make it roll from one place to the other . The fun aspect of this drum is that it remembers a tire which is one of the favorite “natural” toy for children in those countries.

The Q Drum is used in Ivory Coast and that is the reason why I chose to analyse it. I remember when I was living there as a child, little boys from my neighborhood would find a tire, don’t know where, and run after it rolling it around the area with a stick just for fun. In addition to just rolling it, if suspended, the tire would become a swing which made it even more fun to play with. I LOVE SWINGS.

These are basically the reasons why the Q Drum is a solution that works in promoting social change. Making the access to water easier, those people can have their health conditions a lot improved and limit the risks of getting water-borne diseases, This way, the social life improves in a positive way because being healthy means being able to fulfill more activities and be a more productive person. Furthermore, going to grab water with that object becomes an enjoyable activity to do and so on a more psycho-physical level, it is good for whoever does it as when you do something you like there is a release of endorphins in your brain that does everything but harm you.

I would like to conclude with a little suggestion and that would be to make the drum a little bigger.Probably it was established that these dimensions were ideal as it doesn’t make it to heavy to bear but these people are so capable of more physical effort that I feel like reducing the diameter of the circle in the middle could be better.


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