Drip Irrigation System

International Development Enterprises India developed a drip irrigation system to be used by farmers who are expanding their acreage and are currently used in India, Nepal, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. According to Design Other 90 (http://www.designother90.org/solution/drip-irrigation-system/), the drip irrigation system reduces the water use by 30-70%. In addition, it increases the harvest by just over 50%. The produce is of higher quality and therefore more marketable. The drip irrigation system can be used for various types of crops and requires little water pressure to function. The product is sold at a low cost.

The product, as described above, improves efficiency economically, agriculturally, marketability, and environmentally. The drip irrigation system saves water, produces more products and of higher quality, and does not require significant resources. In addition, the product stimulates the economy while maintaining a low cost for purchase.


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