Why not solar panels?


Almost a quarter of the worlds population lacks proper access to electricity.  Oil lamps and candles are still being used for light, while small, expensive battery cells are used to give power to small appliances such as radios and televisions.  The lamps and candles can be extremely dangerous, causing thousands of fires in underdeveloped neighborhoods every year, while the battery cells are extremely bulky and expensive.  But these may be the only options for people in small, poor, rural communities around the world.

The Solar Home Lighting project set out to change that.  Originally designed for low income communities in India, the project enables families to have light inside their home without the danger and expense, with a wireless solar panel that sits on the top of their house.  The goal of this project is to allow adults in the house to be able to increase their work productivity at night which would earn the families some extra income and increase their quality of life. The children would also have a well lit place to study at night, bettering their education.

To me, this project promotes extremely positive social change. Selco India has made a reliable product at a low cost to allow families to improve their quality of life in many different ways, while also being environmentally friendly.  I think more of the world should really be using solar panels. They are low-cost to install, they don’t require much maintenance, they lower your energy bill, and of course they don’t require the burning of fossil fuels. Most of us don’t appreciate or even think about that we always have a light-switch to turn on, but could you image our lives if we didn’t?


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