Week 3: Homework -Due: Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015

*Beginner’s Guide to Community-Based Arts pp. 0-59 (*This may be a review)

Video: Building Creative Confidence

Find Your Passion With These Thought Provoking Questions

The Broken Window Theory

*World on Fire video –article

1-2 Page Paper (*This is not a blog post)
Research local or online organizations and causes that you’ll do your 6 hours (this semester) of volunteer service with. Write a 1-2 page paper about:

  • The org. or group and what they do.
  • Why you are interested in their cause.
  • What types of skills or strengths could you bring to the group as a volunteer. (ex. hands-on help, fund raising, marketing, social marketing/networking, translations, design, production or web help, etc.)
  • Who at the organization will you eventually try to interview? (This is part of the overall volunteer assignment later in the semester).

Organizations can be local here in Rome or reachable online (though it may be harder to reach people and volunteer remotely). Some that are friendly to English Speakers here in Rome include: The Grandmother Project, Retake Roma, Aura’s House,The Largo Argentina Cat Sanctuary, etc. You can also find many local volunteer opportunities friendly to English Speakers by joining the Yahoo Group: VCN Network.  See their Facebook Group

For other organizations and causes in need of volunteers via the internet (non-local), look at Idealist.org


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  1. Here are links to the “what’s going on” 9/11 and the HIV awareness tribute songs:


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