Week 5: Funding Sources and Web/Interactive Projects

Funding Sources: More sources are at The Fund Raising Glossary

Endowments – a gift, grant, or bequest made to a nonprofit. Can also refer to a fund that is made up of gifts and bequests that are subject to a requirement that the principal be maintained intact and invested to create a source of income for an organization. Donors may set up an endowment to fund a specific interest, or a nonprofit’s governing body may set up an endowment. For either scenario, such an endowment requires that the principal remain intact in perpetuity, for a defined period of time, or until sufficient assets have been accumulated to achieve a designated purpose.

Government grants – funds disbursed by an organization, often a government department, corporation, foundation or trust, to another organization, like a nonprofit entity or educational institution. Most grants are made to fund a specific project, require some level of compliance and reporting, and usually require a written grant application or proposal.

Grants – a dollar amount formally bestowed on an organization.

Corporate Sponsorship: A company that provides a nonprofit with monetary donations or in-kind services as part of their overall business strategy.

Community Access Media Organizations:
Organizations such as public access cable television, local community radio, etc that make it possible for community members to engage in free speech and produce art and media products at low or no cost.


7 Tips for Artists Seeking Grants

Web/Interactive Projects

20 Websites That Changed the World
The World Food Programme’s Website
Children International
Aura’s House

Plan International


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