HEALTHY HAPPY AND WOMAN (crowdfunding for women in Kenya)



READ HIGHLIGHTED MESSAGE FOR A SUMMARY! 🙂 My idea for a crowndfund is for teenage girls and women in Kenya who at a determined time in the month become very delicate and fragile and so are much more defenseless when it comes to infection.

During that time of the months lots of women do not have enough money to provide themselves with sanitary supplies and so find themselves using leaves, newspaper, rags, cotton, bits of mattress stuffing, even mud. They thus put themselves at risk of getting seriously sick and skip school.

These cups are a truly effective solution , simple, safe and comfortable that will make them stay in school and stay healthy. Moreovere these cups are reusable for up to ten years so it solves the problem of having to by them everytime.

Approximately 50 percent of girls in Mathare [slum of Nairobi] between the ages 10 and 19 exchange sex for sanitary items” (Femme International). I therefore believe that the relevancy of this fundrasing project is obvious as a woman should not be so desperate to take care of herself. Fortunately, the solution has had great results already in changing lives of thousands of women not only in Kenya but in East Africa also.

The purpose of the fundraise would be to provide girls/women with those cups for free meaning enough money would be raised to buy them and distribute them through the help of Femme International’s Feminine Health Management Program.

The program distributes a Femme Kit which costs $50 CAD and it consits of a menstrual cup, a bowl, a small towel, a pen, a logbook, a bar of soap with a protective container, all in a little cosmetic bag. It is $50 because the money of the kit is also used to fund the program for each girl (added costs are towards a snack and a drink for when participating to the workshops/training on how to use the kit).

I think that it would ideally cost €50 to support a woman and so if we set ourselves the goal of wanting to support 10 young women, €500 would be our amount to reach. Then we would contact the organization which works in the Mathare slum of Nairobi to give them the money. As my family lives there, there could be an arrangment made if necessary to make them have the money or I could take care of it when I get there in the summer.

LET’S IMPROVE LIVES! “For women in North America, it makes your period simple and hassle-free. For women in developing countries, it can be a life-changing solution.” ()

Future head of Organization

Future head of Organization





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