Aiding Tanzania’s most vulnerable by investing in their advocate.


Photo credit: UNICEF

Argue with your husband, burn his food, neglect his children, say “no” to sex, or leave the house without his permission: 50 percent of Tanzania’s adolescent and young adult male population (13-24 years) believe that it is appropriate for a man to beat his wife under these circumstances. Even worse, of the female population in the same age range – the victims themselves – it’s 60 percent who believe this. Such an attitude could only come from a people who grow up with violence as a common occurrence in their lives, and according to UNICEF, 75% of Tanzanian children of both genders are victims of physical violence. Sexual violence is also prevalent with almost 30% of female children and over 14% of male children falling victim to it. Emotional violence is also rampant, with a quarter of Tanzania’s girls and almost a third of its boys subjected to it, including the threat of abandonment. 7.9 million women and girls have undergone genital mutilation, and according to Human Rights Watch “Tanzania has had a massive problem with child labor in the African nation’s gold mines. The international watchdog spoke of brutal exploitation and sexual abuse.” Education has been a serious problem as well; 86.6 percent of the candidates failed the 2010 National Examinations.

Yasini “Yacn” Biggo comes from extreme poverty himself and with four younger sisters, he has made it his life goal to help poor Tanzanian women and children. Attending his second year at The University of Dar Es Salaam, Yacn is studying for his Bachelor’s in Law and has already once been the recipient of Aura’s House sponsorship. Coming all too close to being the 10 year old grassroots fundraising effort’s first ever incomplete project, the Aura’s House community rallied along with HomeBaked and The American University of Rome, and Yacn was able to finish out the semester. Sitting his exams this very month, the time is coming for this student of law to face his greatest obstacle yet again – not the exams, not the studies, but another semester’s tuition fees. I propose that we invest in Yacn and his education – a mere 1000 USD for one semester – to help him realise his goal: “To become a successful lawyer who can help poor Tanzanian woman and children who are vulnerable group and isolated group in our society. Who in most of the time are denied of their rights example right to own property, inheritance, marital issues, right to work and their liberty. I choose to study law because its easy to help people by knowing law especially vulnerable group.’”


One response to “Aiding Tanzania’s most vulnerable by investing in their advocate.

  1. Very thrilled to report that our class has launched our crowdfunding campaign to help Yasini Biggo with his next semester’s tuition! Check it out!

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