Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (Gain)

For obvious reasons, I really wanted to pick a crowdfunding organization that was based in Europe, along with helping people in need, so I settled on Switzerland’s Gain. Gain is a worldwide organization that has set out to end world hunger and allow everyone on earth to consume food with nutritional value. Gain is a giant organization that helps people in over 50 countries and has dozens of different programs to end malnutrition, but one program stuck out to me specifically: Salt Iodization.

Over 1 billion people on Earth don’t get enough salt every day. We don’t usually think about our salt intake because its in most of the foods we eat, but it is actually crucial for our survival. When a family is in poverty, and they are malnourished, the limited food rations they are probably going to have don’t contain nearly enough salt and other nutrients required by our bodies. After a while, these people become severely salt deprived and consequences come next.

Salt deprivation leads to softer and weaker bones, difunctional organ operations, and most importantly: lower brain functions. Once the brain becomes affected, the person loses the ability to intake information which stunts their education and its lessens their ability to process basic information, which makes them come off as unintelligent, prohibiting them to get a job. This begins and continues a never ending spiral of poverty with these families, as the children are salt depleted at a young age, which prevents them from getting a good education and job, causing their future families to also be in poverty. Its a cycle that needs to end.

GAIN has set out to end salt deprivation by providing small packets of salt nutrients to the people in need in poverty stricken areas across the world. Hopefully, once more and more people get the nutrients needed for healthy brain function, they will end their families poverty cycles. The salt packets cost less than a dollar per family, making them extremely cheap for people to donate. I think this would be a great project for our class as its affordable, a well established organization, and Its local, there are many areas of Rome with extreme poverty that could use our help.


One response to “Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (Gain)

  1. I knew that in the West we have a problem with too much salt in our diets, but it had never occurred to me that the opposite was true as well. Thanks for the unexpected info!

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