CARE for Syria

I have expressed before that I am interested in all things related to education reform. Whether it be public school reform in the United States, or making access to education available in the third world–I maintain that education is the biggest catalyst for positive social change. This is what lead me to discover CARE Organization.

CARE operates internationally in a variety of different projects that range from ameliorating social injustice, to providing on-the-ground relief and assistance in natural disasters. I was immediately impressed with their campaign to end child marriage, through providing girls with an education. This effort is a part of their Women Empowerment campaign that addresses a host of women’s issues; including ending violence against women, ending child marriage, and educating men on how to champion women’s’ causes in their communities. Although these efforts are extraordinary, I was also drawn to their humanitarian efforts in emergency situations. CARE expertly address three different levels of aid, first long term solutions addressing social injustice. Second immediate action for communities that are in a state of emergency. Lastly instilling a sense of strength and resilience in the communities they interact with, to better prepare for future hazards.

I propose that we assist CARE in their efforts in refugee communities in Syria. According to the United Nations Higher Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) over 40% of Syria’s population has been displaced, six million people half of whom are children,making it the arguably the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world. CARE is stationed in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen, and Syria to provide assistance to the millions of refugees who have been forcibly displaced due to political unrest.  CARE has broken down their needs based on amount and what that can provide:

  • $10 can provide a family with a baby kit containing reusable diapers, soap and disinfectant.
  • $35 can provide a hygiene kit with shampoo, soap, toothpaste, detergent, disinfectant, bleach and more.
  • $70 can provide a basket of rice, bulgar, pasta, lentils, beans, dates, tuna, tomato paste, oil, tea and sugar.
  • $150 can help winterize a shelter with a tarp and plastic sheeting, blankets, floor mats and more

These goals can be easily met, and together we can raise these funds two or three times over. CARE has reached over 72 million people world wide, and have an excellent reputation in transparency. We can be confident in our decision to donate to an organization that will use these raised funds responsibly. These goals are identifiable, quantifiable, and realistic in our time frame. I propose that we raise money to provide aid to the growing number of refugees in Syria, through CARE organization.


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