Film for Action: Love for Social Change

The film I chose is titled Love Has No Label and it is a very short (3:20) POWERFUL video campaign to fight discrimination and prejudism by promoting love as an indicator of one another’s acceptance of differences.

In the video, two-three people are shown behind an X-Ray board, placed outdoors in front of a public, interacting in a friendly and affectionate manner. Being behind the X-Ray board, only the skeleton of these people so besides the hight, they all look the same, there is no distinction of induvidual features which differentiate one skeleton from the other. Then the people behind the board would come out revealing their nature, which could either be homosexual, oterwise able, from a certain religion or even seniors. When coming out, the public would be shocked because they would not imaging such people could be so happy interacting with the other.

The message of this video is to accept the other in spite of how physically different or how different is the person’s social/ religious choice from us,

The video is made with back and forth cuts betweeen the people’s skeletons (made with motion capture data) enjoying eachother’s company behind the board and the reaction of the public who is in front of the board after and before the people behind the board come out from. There is a soundtrack accompanying the whole action which is a song by a pop artist Macklemore called Same Love.

The X-ray effect wasn’t actually made with X-rays—it was crafted through motion sensor data, virtual avatars, and real-time 3D animation.

After the people behind the board come to the front and reveal themselves to the public, a message that starts with “Love has No…” and the word defyning those people. For example it said “Love has No gender” or “…No religion” or “…No disability” or “…No age”. More than the song or the people in that video, I think that that is the strongest part of the video. It is what gives all the sense to it. Then towards the end of the video, those people who were behind the board are shown in a medium shot while they give their personal message through a voice over of their own voice. They say something like “My heart doesnt see race” or “Our family is no less than the other families”.

I feel like the music was very well chosen because the lyrics say that one cannot change even if she/he tries and that love is patient and kind. In fact, the video aims at showing that these people are happy with each other and love each other because they accept each other even if social norms prevent it.

Love Has No Labels project was created by AdCouncil and R/GA and produced by Persuade Content. Mindride, who is represented by Persuade Content, designed the production, the live experience, and the technology.

This virally distributed campaign with over 85 million views on YouTube is a collaboration between major brands, (including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, P&G, Unilever and more), the Ad Council and leading non-profit organisations.

The film has a website, a very good one in which they teach visitors what does it mean to be implicitly bias, whether or not the visitor is and how o change that in him/her and around him/her:

This video is not just about being prejudiced against all these different kinds of people, it is about not realizing we are when we are. That is called “implicit bias” and it is what the video aims at changing using a tool everybody possesses which is love. I acknowledge being implicitly bias because one day my sister was tellinng me a story and I remember thinking of wanting to ask her what race was the person though I did not in the end because I knew it actually made no difference to the story. Therefore I believe the other aspect of the message is to orient our focus of a person somewhere else, somewhere more relevant and beneficial for both people. Perhaps more people would have less difficulty being accepted and integrated in society if the area of focus of somebody on a person was not related to its race, gender, disabilty or age.

In my opinion, the film had great impact on the people watching this or seing it live as it was being recorded because the event happened live, not much was made in postproductio, even the movement of the skeleton was a live experience. I can tell it had great impact because of the reaction of the public on the video. This video is very well serving its cause of promoting positve social change through this awesome idea of the X-ray board.

__________LOVE IS LOVE___________


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