Group 2: Writing for Crowdfunding

Kasey and I seem to have a mutual affection for writing. The composition of language was something that seems to be a challenge we both enjoy. However we did not anticipate the difficulty we would have when writing for a crowdfunding campaign.

Kasey as well as myself had never been faced with the task of writing to garner donations. We had previously written about causes, and we had both previously had experience writing persuasively, but this assignment required a much different approach and skill set.

The assignment was to look to Professor Palana’s online lecture series to become familiar with the various necessities of successful Crowdfunding. We as Group 2 were responsible for composing the text for the campaign page. The elements of the home page text would be Yacn’s background story, his current goals, and how we can help him get there. The narrative is meant to appeal to the public’s empathy and understanding, as well as inspire the desire to donate. This was a more difficult task than we originally anticipated.  We both are too accustomed with academic writing, and our first attempt was excessively formal and seemed cold. Together we edited the text and looked to the Aura’s House page to gain some more inspiration and material. The second draft was much better and was eventually published to the main page of Yacn’s campaign. Aside from the page writings we used the already composed text from the home page and Aura’s house to create a mass e-mail template to send to the group’s personal contacts.

Overall Kasey and I had a positive experience collaborating to write for the crowdfunding campaign. It went very smoothly and we seemed to work from a similar mind. Hopefully our contribution to the campaign helps the outreach of our campaign, and contributes to its success.


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