Group 13: Editors

We are Team #1, Bianca and Kathy, responsible for setting up the Indiegogo account, deciding user permissions and setting up other authors as needed.  We also have to place the text, photos, videos, perks, etc., on the fundraising page as they are received in from other teams, and communicate with other teams to ensure everything gets done in a timely matter.  Together with Prof. Palana, we were to make sure the Paypal account was set up properly as well as make sure the Aura’s House linked page was good to go.  Lastly, we were to make any necessary edits or changes to what was provided by the other teams, so as to make sure the project was unified and of high quality.

The first action we took was to set up the Indiegogo account and invite everyone to join.  The former was easy, as was the latter; for some reason however (perhaps junk mail filters?) getting our classmates to accept the Indiegogo invitation was a struggle – even Bianca had a problem figuring out how to join. As showing a unified team is important to the success of a crowdfunding campaign, invitations were resent a couple times, and in the end, we have successfully added almost everyone. In the meantime, the entire team still had access to our main campaign account so that they could still contribute.

At the same time we had the AUR IT department set up an email address for the effort, so that the materials needed could go to one place, information could go out from one account, etc., in an effort to facilitate communication.  Announcements and requests were sent from this account.

Material started slowly coming in, and suggestions were made to the authors about how to edit for improvement. Suggestions included reviewing our professor’s Udemy lessons on fundraising online, checking Indiegogo campaign set-up guidelines, tightening up text so as to fit within Indiegogo limits, and checking the “emotional headlines” link for best wording.  We began posting and doing major editing to the story and perks in particular, in addition to editing pictures of  Yacn and our class for the main fundraising page.

Things finally started moving fast, and in preparing for launch, we had to remove editing permission as changes were being made at the same time and edits were getting lost before our eyes.  Photos disappeared, text got moved – it was a bit frightening!  Some of these areas had to redone. Members still have access to the actual campaign, but cannot edit from personal accounts. We may have to change the password and limit access further as this is still a risk, especially if the account is left open by several different users. The email, Indiegogo and Facebook accounts we share get checked very regularly, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Setting up the Paypal account was easy, thanks to our professor and to Yacn’s original campaigner, Heather; the account is based in the US to help streamline the efforts.  In all honesty, the Aura’s House set up was left entirely to our professor – but she’s a safe bet, so no worries there!  Prof. Palana spent an hour or so with us tightening up the campaign and we made sure it went “live” at 9:58 the next morning – Kathy was so excited, she couldn’t wait the extra two minutes!

What’s next for our particular team tasks? Well, chasing down that ever-elusive video, for one ;).  And updates, updates, updates!


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