The Creatives (Group Three): An Aesthetic Journey

During the initial research stages, the three of us set out to learn more about Tanzania in order to gain an insight into Yasini’s background and experience. We knew that Yasini’s motivation for earning his degree is to help vulnerable women and children in Tanzania, he explained that these demographics are often denied basic rights such as the right to own property or to work. We also found out that many women throughout Tanzanian communities are still accused of which-craft. Belief in witchcraft is still strong throughout many Tanzanian societies, it is estimated as many as a thousand Tanzanian women are targeted and killed annually.

In addition, we were shocked at the continued high prevalence of gender-based violence, particularly domestic violence (intimate partner violence) and the lack of effective measures to combat female genital mutilation. This served as not only our motivation to create an effective video, but also provided us with inspiration for the aesthetic aspects of this project. We decided to incorporate photographs of Yasini’s city and university (Dar es Salem) in order to set the scene for the video and provide some context, along with a map that highlights his current location.

The photos provided by Professor. Palana of Yasini served as our main inspiration for the video and overall aesthetic theme. They also inspired us to place emphasis on the success of the previous project so as to re-assure possible donators that their money is reaching Yasini himself! In addition to these photographs, we were able to contact Yasini. He provided us with additional photographs and a message to the donors. As we finished the video, our group produced an image with text explain why Yasini wants to be a lawyer in his own words.

We had difficulties coordinating the production of a video, but we learned from our challenges. (It seems much easier to do with such an inspiring project!) Through the process of making our video, we learned about man of the main differences between iMovie and Premier, how to get and use stock video, and how to effectively communicate with each other and to divide the work among our group. Additionally, Professor Palawta’s visit to our class provided important information for the production of the video such as technical information and the importance on how to portray the subject of the video.


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