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Group 13: Editors

We are Team #1, Bianca and Kathy, responsible for setting up the Indiegogo account, deciding user permissions and setting up other authors as needed.  We also have to place the text, photos, videos, perks, etc., on the fundraising page as they are received in from other teams, and communicate with other teams to ensure everything gets done in a timely matter.  Together with Prof. Palana, we were to make sure the Paypal account was set up properly as well as make sure the Aura’s House linked page was good to go.  Lastly, we were to make any necessary edits or changes to what was provided by the other teams, so as to make sure the project was unified and of high quality. Continue reading


Mary’s Place

Mary’s Place was established in 1999 in Seattle, WA in response to homeless women’s need for a complete resource center. These women were previously spending their days bouncing from center to center, trying to get their physical needs met. With the help of a small community grant, and the support of a Board of Directors from a local church, Mary’s Place was born. Several planning sessions with homeless women were held where women were asked what they needed to rise out of homelessness. In this way, they instituted the structure of the organization that remains today.

Mary’s Place is one of the few places that offer crisis response night shelters and day center services for homeless families with children. It is unique in that it empowers women to take control of their lives by first providing for basic needs, and then by giving them access to tools, information, support groups and resources to find employment, housing, medical and/or financial services that improve their quality of life in the long-run.

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The Q Drum


The Q drum is a container that can be used to carry up to 50 liters of water and be easily transported. It was designed to aid those in rural South Africa – who live kilometers from a clean water source – obtain water more easily. The drum is designed to reduce the physical burden of a task which is generally bestowed on the women and children of the communities. It also has the potential to reduce the time it takes to obtain the water, no longer making it an all day task. Continue reading

A Seattleite and Wannabe Italian

My name is Bianca Castaneda. Born and raised in Seattle, I feel right at home in Rome’s unpredictable weather, and am amused by local’s hatred of the rain. I consider myself an observer of all things, people, and nature. I tend to sit back and absorb my surroundings, rather than jump into a conversation. But don’t take that for disinterest, I’m very glad to be in this course. Continue reading