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Pasta Nera: when Italy had nothing left to give but love, pasta and polenta.

PastaNera_Foto_22How does an entire country manage to forget over 100,000 of its children were put on trains and sent away from home? How can a country so critical of itself forget one of its kindest deeds ever? How can it be that one of its most organised and successful campaigns of social activism be relegated to the archives instead of championed as an exemplary example of what even the most poverty stricken citizens can achieve? While Pasta Nera does not try to answer these questions of why, it brings to light this wonderful story of great human generosity in a time of immense need, of the coming together of north and south in a postwar Italy reduced to rubble, and of the power of women at a time when they had very little money and even fewer rights. Continue reading


Aiding Tanzania’s most vulnerable by investing in their advocate.


Photo credit: UNICEF

Argue with your husband, burn his food, neglect his children, say “no” to sex, or leave the house without his permission: 50 percent of Tanzania’s adolescent and young adult male population (13-24 years) believe that it is appropriate for a man to beat his wife under these circumstances. Even worse, of the female population in the same age range – the victims themselves – it’s 60 percent who believe this. Continue reading

Potters for Peace – as well as for clean water!

Pottery brigade (from the Potters for Peace Facebook page)Clean water for all!  (from the Potters for Peace Facebook page)Helping start up factories and workshops to make low cost and easy to use ceramic water filters is one focus of the Potters for Peace effort. These filters are today made in 50+ factories set up by PfP in 30+ countries, remove 99+% of impurities from drinking water and are used by 4 million to produce inexpensive, potable, palatable water. Pottery is found in every culture and country; its familiarity as well as the filter’s convenience and low cost to users makes it a very successful tool in the fight against poor sanitation and poor health – and death – due to waterborne disease. So serious are these problems in the developing world,
Continue reading

It’s me. Just me.

Not Without My Dachshund

As an administrator in AUR’s Office of Student Life, I am enormously lucky to work directly with students in everything I do there.  It sounds cliche’, but it really is wonderfully rewarding to work with them!  An old Student Life colleague used to say we do everything non-academic and fun – meaning field trips, clubs, sports, events.  I wouldn’t say that housing, culture shock or emergencies are fun, but I’m grateful to be there when help is needed. With staff changes, shifting roles and new areas of focus in the last few years, I’ve very happily found myself more and more involved in student clubs and volunteerism; I look forward to using the knowledge and skills to be gained in COM408 towards these efforts.

An American born in Costa Rica, raised mostly in Maryland and in part Massachusetts, I have lived in Europe since 1992.  I came to Italy for my love…

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