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Weeks 8 and 9: Documentary and Film

Documentary Feature
Born Into Brothels (2004)
Link: Kids With Cameras

Film Short
I Want to Be a Pilot (2006)


Week 3: Homework -Due: Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015

*Beginner’s Guide to Community-Based Arts pp. 0-59 (*This may be a review)

Video: Building Creative Confidence

Find Your Passion With These Thought Provoking Questions

The Broken Window Theory

*World on Fire video –article

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JUNK to FUNK! (Naomi Bar)

Junk to Funk is a brand which seeks to use recycled material to create fashionable cloathing designs. It reaches out to the American public and encourages them, through the puchase of junk to funk cloathing, to change their consumer mentality. Continue reading

SUNO: Lily Huber

Suno is a brand that first caught my eyes a few years ago. I was in a small boutique in West Hollywood and I saw a section of the store devoted to this line and was curious to know more about it. SUNO was created in 2008 by Max Osterweis. He collected different textiles from his trips to Kenya and was inspired by the designs. The company employs local Kenyans to help produce the line and SUNO really wants to use the success of the brand to build awareness of all the amazing talent in Kenya. SUNO is about the “goal of making quality and luxury in a socially responsible way.”
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Animal Collective & Keep Shoe Co. (Elizabeth Carlisle


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Invisble Children by Lindsay Swiggum

I know I have done a few posts about Invisible Children already, but I am doing a case study on their website right now. Unfortunately, I do not have the space to be able to write about each incredible aspect of Invisible Children, so I’d like to take the time to highlight their fashion line they have. Continue reading

American History X (Naomi Bar)

American History X is a film that deals with the problem of racism in the U.S. It portrays the life of a family, particularly that of two brothers, that are involved in a gang of young racist individuals. Continue reading

Milk (shakira mongul)

Milk is the biographical film about the life of Harvey Milk, the gay rights advocate and first openly gay man to be elected to public office in San Francisco, California.
The film depicts the life of Harvey Milk from his 40th birthday to his assassination on November 27th, 1978. While the film mainly focuses on the political and social oppression that Harvey Milk, and all other gay men in the Castro district of San Francisco (now one of the foremost gay capitals of the world) faced, the film does highlight Milk’s personal relationships.

Focus Features ( the art house of Universal Pictures) produced the film and released it in 2008 and distributed by Universal Pictures. Milk, filmed with a 20 million dollar budget, earned an estimated $54,501,383 since it’s release.

Director, Gus Van Sant, incorporated a good deal of real footage that was assembled in the 1984 Oscar-winning documentary by Rob Epstein, titled The Times of Harvey Milk.
Milk. The use of real footage, as well as flashbacks, and a well-written story-plot, and controversial subject matter combined made the film a incredible success.

Gay rights has been a hot topic for years now. The time of Milk’s release, proposition 8 (the proposition to make gay marriage legal) was, and still is, a common discussion topic in California and the rest of the United States—which aided the great success of the film. Films in general have a the unique opportunity to simultaneously educate and reach audiences on a personal, emotional level. Milk, with it’s captivating plot, outstanding cast, and cinematic excellence drew people in got them to think about gay rights as more than just another political issue. Gay characters in the film were not seen as simply gay, but as members of a society facing serious, cruel and unnecessary oppression. The film generated more positive awareness and therefore inspired positive actions to take place.

I Want To Fly High by Lindsay Swiggum


Just last week in class we watched the short documentary, I Want To Be A Pilot. I know we spoke about this in class, but this is a film that truly touched my heart and I could not help but feel the need to write about it. It is my favorite piece we have seen so far. Continue reading

Food Inc. – Lily Huber

After seeing this documentary in 2009 when it came out in theaters, I can honestly say I have never thought of food in the same way. The film covers the topic of corporate farming in America and all the secrets within this huge powerful monopoly. Every aspect of the agricultural business is examined and it contains amazing footage of the truth behind what we see on store shelves. I’ve seen many different types of food investigation videos but this film just really stuck with me.

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