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My mom wanted to name me Justine. Instead, I am just Jess.

I don't always take selfies.

I’m Jessica and unapologetically myself. I’m in love with the broken world we live in and I hope that my life will have a positive impact before I’m done here. I study music, peace studies, and studio art at the University of Notre Dame. I am incredibly grateful for the infinite love and support from my family as I pursue my dreams and passions. Continue reading


Autobiography (Sean McGuire)


Hello all, my name is Sean McGuire and I’m a Junior Communications major from the Universityof Maryland, College Park. I am from Bergen County, New Jersey and have an older sister who is twenty-three and a younger brother who has just entered his first year of college. I am fifty percent Irish, as my dad’s parents immigrated to the United States right before he was born and fifty percent Italian, my mothers’ parents coming straight off the boat from Sicily. This is my first time being in Rome and it has been a huge lifestyle change!

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Hello :)

Hello :)

Hello everyone, my name is Alexa Lloyd. I am 20 years old (turning 21 in March) and a resident student at the American University of Rome. I am a communications major and this is my third year living in Rome. Continue reading