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Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory (Noemi Miyahara)

chemtrail-gearSince the 1940s, the NASA has been involved in weather modification. Controlling water supply, lighting, hail, and manipulating hurricanes and tornados would be beneficial to human welfare by inhibiting destructive weather and enhancing beneficial aspects. In 1964 the Special Commission on Weather Modification was formed by the National Science Foundation. Weather weapons were formed such as cloud seeding. However speculations have grown since then amongst the population, leading to conspiracy theories.

The most popular studied conspiracy is the chemtrail theory, claiming that airplanes sent by the government contain spray systems that deliberately release harmful chemicals into the air for undisclosed reasons. The conspiracy began in 1996 when people accused the USAF of spraying the population with substances from aircrafts that were leaving behind abnormal contrail patterns. The USAF have denied being involved with weather modification experiments or having plans of doing them in the future.  Since then other chemtrail conspiracy theories have spread through the internet, radio programs, and published books.

According to the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), a registered non-profit organization in Canada, the federal government uses destructive chemicals as a weapon to gain power; “In their quest to remain top dog in the kill chain, the purveyors of perpetual war have deliberately dimmed earth’s life-giving sunlight, and reduced atmospheric visibility with lung-clogging particulates and polymers. This ecological terrorism has severely compromised public health, according to thousands of testimonials” (Tracy). Other supporters of this conspiracy believe the chemtrails are for radiation management, psychological manipulation, population control, chemical warfare, and to mask Planet X or Nibiru. Furthermore people claim to of had illnesses and strange health problems after seeing chemtrails.

Scientific organizations, universities and media publications have all claimed the conspiracy to be false. Stating that these claimed chemtrails are actually contrails. Contrails are condensation trails or clouds of ice. They are formed when an aircrafts engine releases hot air into a cold atmosphere with low vapor pressure creating condensation. The water vapor released from the engine condenses into water droplets and then freezes into ice. These ice crystals are the white steaks left behind an aircrafts engine. Contrails also contain carbon dioxide, sulfate, and nitrogen oxides from engine exhaust which can have negative effects on the environment (McGrath 1). Though scholars and I are dubious of the conspiracy, others are free to think otherwise.

For further information on chemtrails you can visit: http://www.chemtrailcentral.com


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Comment Crew (Sarah Blauner)

I pulled the topic Comment Crew out of the hat. I have never heard of this ‘group before so naturally I typed the name into google. Unfortunately my results did not unearth as much information as I would have liked, I even hoped for a wikipedia page as a starting point but I had no such luck. My first source was a New York magazine article, which despite being a reputable source might not be the best for this topic.

This is because the Comment Crew is a group of hackers that accessed the New York times data base and has been perpetrating cyber-attacks since 2006 most infamously the U.S Defense Department. Since the story has continued to develop over the years the most information is very recent making the origins of the story more difficult to discern. By using Proquest I was able to locate an article from 2007 which gave me the full scope of what comment crew was. Comment Crew is a group of cyber hackers that accessed pentagon files. Comment Crew is a part of the People’s Liberation Army, they are controversial not only because of the hacking but because they made the possibility of cyber warfare a real threat. They deny hacking the U.S defense department. The Comment Crew is also known as the Shanghai group as that is where the attacks have been traced to. Since they are a threat to national security I do not think fondly of the Comment Crew, however they have alerted the United States to the serious potential of cyber warfare so at least we will now be prepared. Below are the links used.