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Design for the Other 90% (Sean McGuire)

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“Design for the other 90%” has shown me a plethora of amazing inventions to help underprivileged people from around the world not only live a better and healthier life, but also have created ways for people to profit while doing so. One of the inventions that I was most impressed with was the Super moneymaker Pump, developed by Mark Fisher, Co-founder of Kickstart International. The Super moneymaker pump is an irrigation tool that uses no electricity or fuel, but instead a Stairmaster like design helps pressurize and then pull water from up to a depth of seven meters and lifting it up fourteen meters above its’ water source. The manual treadle pump can irrigate two acres during an eight-hour session. The Super Moneymaker pump has been used all around the world by different people in different conditions and over 35,000 households are starting small farm business using this amazing device. The device by itself is an incredible idea, but the way Mark and the Kickstart Company are selling them rivals in comparison.

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Solar Home Lighting System

During the past three decades, and even more in recent years, the global community has increasingly recognized the need to find more durable and sustainable energetic solutions. Solutions that will make developed countries more ecologic while giving under-developed or resource-less  states new opportunities for development.

Electricity is of course the most basic and vital energetic resource: without it, economic well-being and development would be unattainable. As of now, however, electricity is only available to a limited portion of the world’s people, leaving more than one and a half billion people without access to it. Many rural populations still use polluting, cumbersome, low-quality, dangerous and expensive solutions for lighting (such as kerosene and oil lamps) and powering radios and TVs (such as batteries and dry cells).
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