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Week 2: Posters, Comics, and Paintings

Posters and Propaganda

Influential Wartime Posters
Top ten WW2 Propaganda Posters
Some of the Most Famous/Iconic Posters

Modern Poster Campaigns
Guerrilla Girls

Art Spiegelman’s Maus: A Different Type of Holocaust Literature

Maus review with sample panels

Interview with Art Spiegelman (Video)
Maus Sample Panels: image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4

Shake Girl -Graphic Novel detailing stories of violence against women

Liberty Leading the People -Eugene Delecroix
Banksy Gallery
Banksy Article

Flow -What Is It?
Flow. The Secret to Happiness


Solar Home Lighting System

During the past three decades, and even more in recent years, the global community has increasingly recognized the need to find more durable and sustainable energetic solutions. Solutions that will make developed countries more ecologic while giving under-developed or resource-less  states new opportunities for development.

Electricity is of course the most basic and vital energetic resource: without it, economic well-being and development would be unattainable. As of now, however, electricity is only available to a limited portion of the world’s people, leaving more than one and a half billion people without access to it. Many rural populations still use polluting, cumbersome, low-quality, dangerous and expensive solutions for lighting (such as kerosene and oil lamps) and powering radios and TVs (such as batteries and dry cells).
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Floating Community Lifeboats (Caely Hibbits)

floating-community-lifeboats1aI had a very hard time choosing my favorite solution of “Design for the Other 90%.”  I went through the list multiple times, and well, as I sat pondering, my classmates started choosing.  I wanted to choose something that was helping communities.  I didn’t want it to be just a temporary fix, but I also wanted it to be financially plausible.  In the end, I decided on the Community Lifeboats in Bangladesh.
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Sustainable Solutions – Smart Homes

The group Design for the Other 90 is a network devoted to creating intelligent solutions for the impoverished population all over the world. After reading through their displayed “Solutions” for poor of the third world, one struck my attention…

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JUNK to FUNK! (Naomi Bar)

Junk to Funk is a brand which seeks to use recycled material to create fashionable cloathing designs. It reaches out to the American public and encourages them, through the puchase of junk to funk cloathing, to change their consumer mentality. Continue reading

SUNO: Lily Huber

Suno is a brand that first caught my eyes a few years ago. I was in a small boutique in West Hollywood and I saw a section of the store devoted to this line and was curious to know more about it. SUNO was created in 2008 by Max Osterweis. He collected different textiles from his trips to Kenya and was inspired by the designs. The company employs local Kenyans to help produce the line and SUNO really wants to use the success of the brand to build awareness of all the amazing talent in Kenya. SUNO is about the “goal of making quality and luxury in a socially responsible way.”
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Mardi “Tuesday”

Good Day Classmates!

I am Mardi Vartabedian.  Yes, Mardi with a D.

I am from Chicago, Illinois  in a neighborhood located on the northwest side.  I am the youngest with one old brother && two sisters.  I have always had the interest to travel abroad, which why I am in Roma right now.  Likewise, my sister lived in Australia for a couple of years and my parents have traveled all over the world, I knew it was my turn to join the journey.

I attend Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin ( very different from Italy let me just say ). My major is Advertising with a minor in Studio Art & Design.  Recently, I took two courses, one involved with visual communication and design and the second focused on drawing and painting.   As a thriving artist,  my passion for the arts has grown to be my life.  Rather going to museums, concerts, galleries, or even looking at a piece of art for hours, I have come to realization that visual communication will always be a part of my past, present, and future life.

With a hidden talent in art, I love jewelry and my favorite food is avocados.  Quite bizarre.  Also, I have an obsession with trees!  Overall, I’m eager to learn about the creative side of the world.  Nice to meet all of you!  Ciao.