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Week 2: Exhibitions and Performance Art

Art Activism Resource

Design for the Other 90% Exhibit (Video)
Design for the Other 90% Website

Performance Art and Body Art
History of Performance Art

Bill Shannon -Performance Artist
(Video) PopTech 2007 Alternate Video
3rdi Online Exhibit

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Week 1/ Day 2: Homework -Paintings, Exhibitions, Installations, Murals, and Stills

Homework due printed on paper at the start of next class:

1. Read/Look at the following links:
Favela Painting Project Home
Can Paint Promote Social Change?
(Blog Article, Favela Paint Project, Brazil)

Links to Art, Installations, Exhibits, and Crafts attempting to promote/create positive social change

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350 Earth-Art Visible from Space: Mardi Vartabedian

Over the past few ‘green’ years, I have become an active ‘eco-friendly’ individual. Right away, I became interested in supporting the outrageous art exhibit, which is the world’s first ever global climate art project. From growing up without a microwave and having no sense in the use of plastic (thanks to my mom), my interest in environmental causes connected myself to seek desired hope towards the Earth.

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Global Awareness. Symbolizes. Installation Art.

Nele Azevedo & Melting Men

Brazilian artist, Nele Azevedo, creates this creative installation art piece  portraying the melting of sculptured, individual men.  This piece, located on the steps of a concert hall in Berlin, Germany, expresses the importance of global climate awareness yet, symbolizes the melting of Arctic ice all over the world.
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