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Millais & The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

Before I go ahead and talk about the painting I chose, I think it best to elucidate a bit on the style.

The Pre-Raphaelites

The Brotherhood of Pre-Raphaelites was founded by a group of painters, poets and critics that believed that the Classical compositions, those of Raphael in particular, had been corrupting; hence, the name Pre-Raphaelite. They were objectors to the influence of the English Royal Academy of Arts, whom they considered conventional and conformist. In contrast, they wanted to return to the detailed and colorful compositions of the Italian and Flemish Quattrocento.
Their work was considered controversial in part because they had kept their existence a secret until their first exhibition at the Royal Academy in 1849. However, it was their rejection of the conventional style, the use of a common signature of P.R.B. (which obviously stood for the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood), and the “reality” of the subjects portrayed which caused outrage among the critics.
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