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Week 3: Homework -Due: Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015

*Beginner’s Guide to Community-Based Arts pp. 0-59 (*This may be a review)

Video: Building Creative Confidence

Find Your Passion With These Thought Provoking Questions

The Broken Window Theory

*World on Fire video –article

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The Stargate Project (Samantha Lucci)


Russell Targ is a physicist and author of several books on extra-sensory perception (ESP) and psychic abilities. As a senior staff scientist for Lockheed Martin he was one of the forerunners in developing peaceful applications of the laser, and he helped to launch an investigation into psychic abilities by the Stanford Research Institute in the 1970s-1990s. The project was known as Stargate.

Keith “Blue” Harary has a doctorate in psychology from Duke University and the Union Institute. Since the age of 17 he has worked extensively in studies of sensory-altering experiences, and those of personality and perception. In the early 1970s he was studying at Duke and living in the lab of the school’s Psychical Research Foundation for $35 a month. His background in psychical experimentation earned him an invitation to be a consultant in a classified program. The program was called Stargate.

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Veronica Crociani- Biography


Hello! My name is Veronica Crociani. I am half italian and half american. I have always lived in Rome, but I have studied in American schools my entire life. I am currently a film and digital media major here at the American University Rome. Photography and all multimedia tasks have always been my passion and hobby since I was a little girl.

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Hey (*^▽^*), my name is Noemi and I am a full-time student studying Intercultural Communications at The American University of Rome. I am currently a senior and will be graduating this spring. I have attended American public, DOD and International … Continue reading


Caely Rose

Hey everybody!  It’s me, Caely Rose Hibbits.  I was born in Connecticut, but moved to a tiny town, Cedar Key, FL, when I was two. Cedar Key has about 700 full time residents-who consist of artists, commercial fisherman, clam farmers, and oyster men.  It was a very interesting place to grow up in.  I learned that everyone has something to teach you.

When I graduated from high school I wanted to do something different- so I headed to Rome and now I’m a senior at the American University of Rome.  In four months I will have my degree in Communication with a minor in Film and Digital Media.  While I didn’t think I would be ready–I really am. Continue reading

JUNK to FUNK! (Naomi Bar)

Junk to Funk is a brand which seeks to use recycled material to create fashionable cloathing designs. It reaches out to the American public and encourages them, through the puchase of junk to funk cloathing, to change their consumer mentality. Continue reading

Imagine Ourselves by Naomi Bar


Imagine Ourselves is an online exihibition which concentrates on the question of “What defines our generation of Women?”. Continue reading

The Girl Effect (Shakira Mongul)

The Girl Effect is an organization that goals to better the lives of young women all over the world extract themselves from the vicious cycles they so often are forced into. The Girl Effect helps young women, usually once they’ve reached the age of twelve, to stay in school. If they are able to stay in school, these girls have a better chance of avoiding child-marriages, giving birth to sickly children, falling into a life of prostitution to support her children and thus contracting and spreading the AIDS virus. The Girl Effect calls this cycle “The Ripple Effect.” This organization also aims to abolish what they refer to as the “Top Ten” buriers that prevent girls from growing into young women capable of supporting themselves and their families.
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Naomi Bar

Le Dejeuner sur l’Herbe is a painting by Eduard Manet that directly challenges the “acceptable” representation of the woman at that time, donating power to the female figure of the painting which, ultimately, becomes the subject matter of the composition. The painting, originally titled Le Bain (The Bath), is a large oil canvas created in the 1860s which is now found in the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. It was submitted in 1863 at what became the Salon des Refusés. Continue reading