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Week 3: Photos, Music Videos, and Stats

More Photography
World Press Photos of the Year 2014

Musicians and Music Videos
India Arie Interview on Music’s Role in Social Change
Brandon Boyd of Incubus- Music’s Role in Social Change
World on Fire -Sarah McLachlan
More about this video –article
We are the World We Are the World 1985 vs. We Are the World 25 for Haiti 
USA For Africa -We Are the World 30 Years Later
Africa For Norway -Radi-Aid

Making Art with Data
Artists use data to make political statements


Week 1: Photography (and one Animation) -Images/Links

One Animation:
I Met the Walrus -James Braithwaite

Dorothea Lange
| Gallery 2 | Japanese Americans
Migrant Mother Detail (Video)
Jacob Riis Gallery
Jacob Riis

13 Photos that Changed the World
Images that Changed the World

American Photography -Social Change

Social Documentary.net

M I L K: Mardi

“Burst down those closet doors once and for all, and stand up and start to fight.”

“My name is Harvey Milk and I’m here to recruit you!”  From the inspiring words of Harvey Milk, who changed peoples lives, changed a significant part of history. Today, he is known as the first openly gay rights activist to be voted into a public office in America.  The 2008 film, “Milk”, documents the hero’s powerful life.  The opening line is used through the film within the beginning of Harvey’s speeches to interrupt the tension of different audience beliefs.  Harvey Milk had the desire to engage individuals into the political affairs of social equality.  Every human being should have the right to be free, to be equal.  The film was directed by Gus Van Sant and written by Dustine Lance Black; filmed on Castro Street and other locations in San Francisco, California.
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Global Awareness. Symbolizes. Installation Art.

Nele Azevedo & Melting Men

Brazilian artist, Nele Azevedo, creates this creative installation art piece  portraying the melting of sculptured, individual men.  This piece, located on the steps of a concert hall in Berlin, Germany, expresses the importance of global climate awareness yet, symbolizes the melting of Arctic ice all over the world.
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Born Into Brothels: Calcutta’s Red Light Kids

Everywhere I travel I try to visit local museums to explore what they have to offer, and even in my hometown of Los Angeles it’s easy to find a variety of galleries and shows. I really enjoy exhibits that have a purpose and that contribute towards a cause… because you know that your participation makes a difference. I admire artists who take their creative skill set to build something that helps others.

The piece I selected, which is also a documentary and non-profit organization is called “Born into Brothels: Calcutta’s Red Light Kids” and it was created in 2004 by Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman. When you watch the film it really gives you a look into the lives of these amazing children who are trying to survive in the dangerous place of Calcutta. On the website, they explain the project as “a tribute to the resiliency of childhood and the restorative power of art” which I think is the perfect way of explaining the project. Briski went to Calcutta originally to photograph the prostitutes of the area and was overwhelmed and immediately drawn to the children who play an unwilling part in Calcutta’s unfortunate system of crime and prostitution.
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International Rescue Committee







This is a photo of a young Burmese refugee.  She is on a trip at the ocean with the International Rescue Committee.  This was a trip that represented the first time many of the rescued children had ever been to the beach for enjoyment. Continue reading

Mardi “Tuesday”

Good Day Classmates!

I am Mardi Vartabedian.  Yes, Mardi with a D.

I am from Chicago, Illinois  in a neighborhood located on the northwest side.  I am the youngest with one old brother && two sisters.  I have always had the interest to travel abroad, which why I am in Roma right now.  Likewise, my sister lived in Australia for a couple of years and my parents have traveled all over the world, I knew it was my turn to join the journey.

I attend Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin ( very different from Italy let me just say ). My major is Advertising with a minor in Studio Art & Design.  Recently, I took two courses, one involved with visual communication and design and the second focused on drawing and painting.   As a thriving artist,  my passion for the arts has grown to be my life.  Rather going to museums, concerts, galleries, or even looking at a piece of art for hours, I have come to realization that visual communication will always be a part of my past, present, and future life.

With a hidden talent in art, I love jewelry and my favorite food is avocados.  Quite bizarre.  Also, I have an obsession with trees!  Overall, I’m eager to learn about the creative side of the world.  Nice to meet all of you!  Ciao.